Homework for 09.12.22

NEF Student’s Book slide 67, What do you remember? slide 68 Reading We don’t need education or do we?/ learn all the unknown words.

1. If I don’t pass the exam, I will do it again in January.
2. You’d sleep better if you drank less coffee.
3. Don’t buy it unless you are sure you like it.
4. If I could change a part of my body, I would change my nose.
5. As soon as he arrives, we can have dinner.

1. Where would you live if you took the job in London? c
2. I used to go out with that boy over there. b
3. I didn’t use to enjoy flying but now I love it. c
4. In the summer I usually go to the country. a
5. Did she use to wear glasses? c

1. village (because others are houses)
2. shower (because others are in kitchen)
3. uniform (because others are types of schools)
4. exam (because others are process)
5. friendship (because this is a noun)

1. Maths, physics, and geography are subjects
2. A school year is often divided into three trimesters.
3. A school where you have to pay is a private school.
4. A senior university teacher is a professor.
5. The area outside the central part of a city is called suburb.
6. Smoke comes through the chimney.
7. The part which covers the top of a house is the roof.
8. The “door” of a garden is the gate.

1. They often argue with politics.
2. Do you keep in touch with old school friends?
3. They live in the suburbs.
4. Do you get on well with the people in the office?
5. My son is in university.
6. We don’t have very much in common.

1. student
2. punish
3. country
4. cottage
5. homework

Homework for 05.12.22

NEF Student’s book ,slide 138 4C a/b
used to անցյալում սովորոություն ունենալ մի բան անելու / ժխտականի դեպքում didn’t use to հարցականի դեպքում did use to?
usually ներկայի կոնտեքստի համար է

1. I used to get up at 6.30, but I don’t any more.
2. Did she always use to have long hair?
3. Do you usually have breakfast before you go to work?
4. They didn’t use to have a car, they used to cycle everywhere.
5. He doesn’t like coffee, so he usually drinks tea in the morning.
6. He used to be a teacher, but now he works for Greenpeace.
7. Do you usually wear trousers or skirts?
8. Last year we usually went to Prague in August.
9. Did she use to live near you when you were children?
10. At school we didn’t use to wear a uniform. We wore what we liked.

1. Kirsty used to live in Bristol but she moved to London last year.
2. Did you use to have a moustache? You look different.
3. I didn’t use to like my boss but now we get on quite well.
4. We used to be really close but now we hardly ever meet.
5. Where did you use to work before you started with this company?
6. She used to play tennis professionally but she retired last year.
7. When I lived in Paris, I always used to have breakfast in a cafe.
8. Did you use to argue with your parents when you were a teenager?
9. He didn’t use to be so slim. In fact, he was quite overweight before.

My dream house

My dream house is maybe ordinary, but I like homes like that. I want a bit little house, because I don’t like big houses, I don’t feel comfortable in them. There have to be all rooms needed, like bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, maybe balcony, wardrobe and etc. I’d like my house to be cozy, in warm tones, with many decorations like little lamps, plants and beautiful things from wood. I like that very much. Also I want my house to be modern, developed, with all comfort. I want it to be a flat, because I don’t like living in private houses.

Houses I will never forget

Once I saw a very strange house in one cartoon. The house was upside down and everything in it was also upside down. And I found houses like that in real life, they all are so strange, but at the same time so amazing.

Upside Down House, Los Angeles, Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions in Los Angeles allows visitors to experience what it would be like to live in an upside down house. The unique museum has seven rooms that let you do things like walk on the ceiling or cook breakfast in an upside down kitchen, watch upside down TV and so on. Even the view outside the kitchen window is upside down. Being in this house is very interesting and unusual. I would like to visit it.

Homework for 28.11.2022

NEF Student’s Book Grammar slide 138 4B/ a,b
First Cond if present simple——will
Second Cond if past simple ——–would
EF Student’s Book Reading Houses you will never forget/ learn all the unknown words and be ready to speak about the text in class
NEF Student’s Book Vocabulary Houses slide 152

1. It would be better if we met tomorrow.
2. She wouldn’t treat him like that if she really loved him.
3. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live in New Zealand.
4. The kitchen would look bigger if we painted it white.
5. I wouldn’t buy that house if I was you.
6. He would be more attractive if he wore nicer clothes.
7. If we didn’t have children, we would travel more.
8. What would you do in this situation if you were me?

1. It’ll be quicker if we get a taxi to the airport.
2. If you stopped smoking, you would feel better.
3. What would you do if you lost your job?
4. If you buy the food, I will cook tonight.
5. I think he’d be happier if he didn’t live alone.
6. I’ll be very surprised if Marina doesn’t get lost coming here.
7. Where will he live if he gets the job in Moscow?
8. If she didn’t have to look after her mother, she would enjoy life more.

block of flats — 2
cottage — 3
detached house — 4
terraced house — 1

1 I live in the country — g There are fields and trees all around me.
2 I live in the city center — d It’s right in the middle of the city.
3 I live in the suburbs — e It’s the area outside the central part of town.
4 I live in a village — b It’s very small, with only 800 inhabitants.
5 I live in a small town — a It has 20000 inhabitants.
6 I live in a residential area — c There are a lot of houses but no offices or big shops.
7 I live on the second floor — f There are two floors below me.

3 — balcony
1 — chimney
4 — garage
7 — garden
6 — gate
8 — path
2 — roof
10 — steps
9 — terrace
5 — wall

Bathroom — washbasin, shower
Kitchen — sink, dishwasher
Living room — coffee table, armchair
Bedroom — bedside table, chest of drawers

Homework for 25.11.22

NEF Student’s Book Grammar 138 4A a, b
NEF Student’s Book Reading Houses you will never forget/ learn all the unknown words and be ready to speak about the text in class

1. before
2. until
3. as soon as
4. if
5. when
6. unless
7. if
8. until
9. before
10. unless

1. leave
2. finishes
3. won’t get
4. will tell
5. arrive
6. get
7. will go
8. doesn’t like
9. tell
10. will be

Homework for 23.11.22

NEF Student’s Book Vocabulary Education slide 151
Please complete the previous task

1. study
2. revise
3. learn
4. do
5. cheat
6. take
7. start, leave
8. pass, fail
9. behave

1. state school
2. private school
3. nursery school
4. primary school
5. secondary school
6. boarding school
7. religious school
8. head teacher
9. professor
10. student
11. pupil
12. graduate

1. B
2. A
3. E
4. C
5. D

The best day of my life.

BTS, PTD concert

I have had many good days in my life but I can tell about one of them. That was few months ago, on March 12th. That day was very special, it was an online concert of our favorite korean band in the cinemas.
I and my friends met near the mall, where the cinema was and headed there. We sat on our places, there were many many other fans like us. They were wearing clothes with the band or accessories.
When the concert started all people in the cinema started shouting and even crying. It was their dream, like ours and it came true that day. The concert was so good and fun. Everyone enjoyed it, everything was perfect! It felt like we were on that concert in real life.
After the concert me and my friends were walking and sharing our impressions.
I will remember that day for the rest of my life.

Hometask for 18.11.2022

NEF Student’s Book slide 51 What do you remember? slide 52 The best day of my life/ be ready to discuss in class

1. should join
2. can’t be
3. be able
4. mustn’t take
5. might not
6. don’t need
7. must be
8. might be
9. must
10. should not

1. mid
2. length
3. straight
4. fringe
5. wears

1. Are you interested in sport?
2. I was very depressed when I failed the exam.
3. This book is really boring. I can’t finish it.
4. I completely forgot his name. It was so embarrassing!
5. I felt very frustrated because I just couldn’t do it.

1. Please switch off your mobile. You can’t use it here.
2. I’m afraid John’s out. Can you call him later?
3. I can’t believe it! He hung up in the middle of our conversation!
4. She looks like her mother. They both have big eyes.
5. He’s in his late forties.

1. Fifties
2. Height
3. Curly
4. Fringe
5. Moustache