Homework for 22.03.23

Make up 5 questions for each type /20 questions
Types of questions Explanation
General Do you like English
Special Why do you learn English
Tag Question You like English, don’t you
Indirect questions Could you tell me where you learned to speak English? , Do you know where the nearest bank is?

General questions

Do you like drawing?
Is physics too hard?
Are you going to be late?
Was Michael on that concert too?
Are your parents working as doctors?

Special questions

What have you been studying in America?
When are you coming home?
Where is your working office?
What time did you arrive that day?
Why haven’t you done your homework?

Tag questions

That shop is going to open, isn’t it?
You passed your exams, didn’t you?
He is a dentist, isn’t he?
You were traveling by bus, weren’t you?
The car is being repaired, isn’t it?

Indirect questions

Could you tell me if that shop is still working?
Could you tell me the answers for the test?
Could you pick me up from there?
Could you keep it a secret?
Could you tell me where were you all this time?

Homework for 20.03.23

NEF Student’s Book Reading A Venetian Reckoning slide 107, read the story, write down all the unknown words
In some words write what you have read.

sharply — կտրուկ
elaborate — մշակի
associates — համախոհներ
volition — կամային

This part of book is an interview, where the interviewer is asking the woman about her life, her husband and kids.

Hometask for 17.03.23

NEF Student’s Book Reading slide 105, Murder mysteries, read the story, and answer the question on slide 103 in a written form.
Grammar slide 144 7B a,b

a. 1. You don’t take sugar in your coffee, do you?
2. They’re on holiday this week, aren’t they?
3. He can’t be serious, can he?
4. She eats meat, doesn’t she?
5. You won’t be late, will you?
6. She was married to Tom Cruise, wasn’t he?
7. We’ve seen this film before, haven’t we?
8. You didn’t tell anybody, did you?
9. You would like to come, wouldn’t you?
10. It’s hot today, isn’t it?

b. 1. Do you know where they live?
2. Can you tell me if there is a bank near here?
3. Do you know where I can buy some stamps?
4. Can you tell me if this bus goes to the castle?
5. Do you know what time the shops open?
6. Could you tell me where the toilets are?
7. Do you know if Susan is at work today?
8. Do you know if Milan won last night?
9. Can you remember where we parked the car?
10. Could you tell me what the time is?

Can we make our own luck?

This question is a bit difficult, but I think that yes, we can make our own luck. Everything in our lives depends only on us. Everyone and everything will disappear someday, so we should try to only believe and trust ourselves. There are many people that think that luck will come someday even though they do nothing about it. Or they think that just some people are born lucky. That’s not right, we should focus on ourselves and on what we do in life, our activities, we should try not to rely on others every time to achieve our goal. Despite all this, I think luck is like random, you don’t know what will happen, will you be lucky this time or not and so on. We can only cause luck by something.

Homework for 13.03.23

NEF Student’s Book slide 104, ex c Complete the sentences with the right form of the words in bold.
Writing. Can we make our own luck? use new words and phrases from the texts on slide 103

1. unfortunately
2. comfortable
3. carelessly
4. lucky
5. impatient
6. luckily
7. patiently
8. careful
9. fortunately
10. comfortably

Homework for 06.03.23

NEF Student’s Book slide 144 7 A/a,b 3rd conditional If past perfect….. would have verb 3rd form verb +ed
If I had seen Pete I would have told him the truth

a. 1 — i
2 — g
3 — h
4 — k
5 — c
6 — j
7 — a
8 — e
9 — d
10 — b
11 — f

c. 1. We would have won if our best player hadn’t been injured.
2. If she had known he was so mean, she wouldn’t have married him.
3. I would have lent you some money if you had asked me.
4. If we had had more time, we would have spent another day in London.
5. I would have been able to help you if you had told me about it earlier.
6. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have changed my plans.
7. You would have enjoyed the weekend if you had come with us.

Homework for 03.03.23

NEF Student’s Book What do you remember slide 99, Reading slide 100, Designers brands aren’t for me / write all the unknown words on your blog
Don’t forget to invent breaking news and publish it on your blog

manipulative tactics — մանիպուլյատիվ մարտավարություն

use your skill — Օգտագործեք ձեր հմտությունը

to take risks — ռիսկի դիմել

exorbitant prices — Չափազանց գներ

Homework for 01.03.23

NEF Student’s Book What do you remember slide 99, Reading slide 100, Designers brands aren’t for me
Don’t forget to invent breaking news

1. I wanted
2. she would
3. he was

4. to open
5. not to
6. was made
7. being built
8. been bought
9. whos son
10. that cuts

1. shop window
2. sales
3. special effects
4. sequel
5. plot

1. butcher’s
2. receipt
3. queue
4. trolley
5. subtitles
6. soundtrack
7. audience
8. bargain

1. on
2. by
3. of
4. back
5. on
6. by
7. in

1. special
2. manager
3. scene
4. window
5. chemist’s


Breaking news

Good evening everyone, we have breaking news: a huge asteroid hit the planet, causing big problems for all the people around the world. The asteroid hit an atomic electro station, which caused a big explosion and dose of radiation to all people, like in Chernobyl. Scientists say that in about one month mass of people will die from radiation. Be safe and wear anti radiation masks.