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English Homework

English in Mind, pages 66, 67

Hi Cynthia,
I’m really happy for you. We are going to Egypt after 3 days. I want to go there a lot and my parents too because they weren’t in Egypt and I wasn’t too. I’m so happy. We will stay there about one month. We will travel to different sightseeing’s. It can be Egyptian pyramids, sea and a lot of other things. I think we will have a tour in Egypt.
Waiting for your message.
Love, Nane.

Yerevan is the Capital of Armenia

Cafesjian Center for the Arts (CCA 1).jpg

I love Armenia. It is my home. I live in Yerevan and i like it. Yerevan also is called Pink city. I like walking in Yerevan and its sightseeing’s. I love here a lot of sightseeing’s but first of all I like Kaskade. In Kaskade there are a lot of statues. They are from different materials and they are creative.

Kaskade was created in 1924. It is old but until today it is beautiful. There are stairs and when you climb, you think that they are endless.

Under stairs there is a big museum. I like Kaskade a lot and when we walk there it is interesting every time.

English Homework

Yerevan Is The Capital Of Armenia

Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. 1,1 mln people live in Yerevan and it is the largest city in Armenia.
Yerevan is the most important transport crossroad, as well as political, economic, cultural and scientific center. The city has 2 airports and Yerevan had a metro since 1981. The name of Yerevan originated from Urartian Erebuni fortress before it was called Yerevan city. Yerevan is more then 2800 year old. It has been the capital since 1918 and is the 12th in the history of Armenia.
Yerevan is located from 900 to 1300 meters above the sea level. The climate is mild. Hot dry summers and relatively short but cold winters are typical for Yerevan. It is divided into 2 parts by the Hrazdan River.

A walking tour is the best way to really get immersed in Yerevan’s culture, history and cuisine. The city centre is, of course, the place to do this, as it is home to landmarks like the grand Republic Square, the impressive Opera House, the 18th century Blue Mosque and the famous Cascade complex.

Walking around the city centre is a phenomenal way to see the history of the city, from the Persian times to the Soviet periods. You will also get a glimpse at Yerevan’s modern side, with contemporary architecture, coffee shops and trendy restaurants being found along the alleyways and the main streets.

Yerevan is a pretty old city that boasts a very long history, some of which is gruesome and some that is not. A great way to learn about the city’s past is to head to its museums.

The History Museum of Armenia has a collection of over 400,000 objects and is arguably the best museum for those that want to learn more about the city, as well as the entire country. It features Ethnography, Archaeology, Numismatics and Modern History departments, with collections in each.

The largest collection of Armenian art can be found at the National Gallery of Armenia, though it also displays work from numerous European and Russian artists. For a look into the country’s not so nice past, check out the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute.

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English Homework

English in Mind, pages 59-60

I can speak 3 languages. I can speak in Armenian, Russian, English. Armenian is my national language. I can speak Russian, because when I was a child I watch a lot of cartoons in Russian. I want to speak in English, because it is the most important language. If I go to other countries I can speak English and people there will understand me.

Hello, dear Bella.

I’m writing you from New York. I’m doing an English course here. I like them very much. Here are teaching us new words, grammar and a lot of thing. It is interesting here. My teacher is Mrs. Kate. There are few students in our class. Here are 16 students. They are from different countries like me. They are from India, Canada, Russia, Japan, France and from other countries. My English is better. Now I know new words and I corrected my grammar. Now I can quiet travel all around the world.

From Nane.

Famous Women

Jane Austen (1775 – 1817)

Jane Austen defined an entire literary genre with her shrewd social observations and wit. Born into a family of eight children in England, Austen started writing her now classic novels, such as Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, in her teens.

Her novels are funny, endearing, and questioned women’s roles within society. Austen had to hide her identity as the author of some of the most popular novels of her day and it wasn’t until her death that her brother, Henry, revealed to the public that she was the real author. Her literary influence remains and the themes and lessons from her novels still hold up today.

Check up, spelling

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