English Homework

English in Mind, pages 59-60

I can speak 3 languages. I can speak in Armenian, Russian, English. Armenian is my national language. I can speak Russian, because when I was a child I watch a lot of cartoons in Russian. I want to speak in English, because it is the most important language. If I go to other countries I can speak English and people there will understand me.

Hello, dear Bella.

I’m writing you from New York. I’m doing an English course here. I like them very much. Here are teaching us new words, grammar and a lot of thing. It is interesting here. My teacher is Mrs. Kate. There are few students in our class. Here are 16 students. They are from different countries like me. They are from India, Canada, Russia, Japan, France and from other countries. My English is better. Now I know new words and I corrected my grammar. Now I can quiet travel all around the world.

From Nane.

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