English Hometask for 16.09.2022

Writing. My eating habits/ write about your eating habits using the words from the Vocabulary Bank / Food and restaurants/of the book slide 146, and the texts about Alice and Jacqueline. Write about 100-120 words.

My eating habits

Everyone has its unique eating habits. For example mine. I don’t like eating in the mornings, maximum I can eat something sweet or just drink water. Then I eat at school, I eat some sandwiches and candy. If I’m going to my English lessons that day after school, I eat different dishes in cafe. I really like eating in restaurants and cafes because there food is really delicious. Also I like to order some food if I am lazy or I don’t have time to cook or go somewhere myself. Then at home I eat something heavy because at that moments I’m really hungry. After that if I’m still a but hungry I eat some sweets or fruits.


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