What I appreciate in people

Write an essay using the words and phrases you have learned from this lesson/ 100-120 words/

It doesn’t really matters to me what kind of person is that, unless they take somethings too far, cross the line. But I like people with sense of humor, who are understanding, maybe patient, comfortable, kind and etc. I don’t like people with no sense of humor, because it will be really boring to be friends with them, we wouldn’t be joking and having fun. I don’t like not understanding people, because they can really hurt someone’s feelings and not even understand what have they done. I don’t want to get hurt. Not patient people are a bit annoying, but I want a patient friend also because it’s very hard for me to get comfortable with someone, so I need time and them to wait. With kind people it’s very comfortable and they are sweet to others, that’s what I like. That’s it.


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