Homework for 06.03.23

NEF Student’s Book slide 144 7 A/a,b 3rd conditional If past perfect….. would have verb 3rd form verb +ed
If I had seen Pete I would have told him the truth

a. 1 — i
2 — g
3 — h
4 — k
5 — c
6 — j
7 — a
8 — e
9 — d
10 — b
11 — f

c. 1. We would have won if our best player hadn’t been injured.
2. If she had known he was so mean, she wouldn’t have married him.
3. I would have lent you some money if you had asked me.
4. If we had had more time, we would have spent another day in London.
5. I would have been able to help you if you had told me about it earlier.
6. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have changed my plans.
7. You would have enjoyed the weekend if you had come with us.