Homework for 22.03.23

Make up 5 questions for each type /20 questions
Types of questions Explanation
General Do you like English
Special Why do you learn English
Tag Question You like English, don’t you
Indirect questions Could you tell me where you learned to speak English? , Do you know where the nearest bank is?

General questions

Do you like drawing?
Is physics too hard?
Are you going to be late?
Was Michael on that concert too?
Are your parents working as doctors?

Special questions

What have you been studying in America?
When are you coming home?
Where is your working office?
What time did you arrive that day?
Why haven’t you done your homework?

Tag questions

That shop is going to open, isn’t it?
You passed your exams, didn’t you?
He is a dentist, isn’t he?
You were traveling by bus, weren’t you?
The car is being repaired, isn’t it?

Indirect questions

Could you tell me if that shop is still working?
Could you tell me the answers for the test?
Could you pick me up from there?
Could you keep it a secret?
Could you tell me where were you all this time?