English Test

Mixed tenses

1. Andy is tired because he works 7 days a week.

2. By 1960 most of the Britain’s old colonies became independent.

3. David broke his leg when he was skiing last week.

4. Have you had a nice time in Rome during your last holiday?

5. Have you finished you homework yet?

6. He have worked at his computer for the last 6 hours.

7. For how long have she had her car?

8. How many people died in the fire yesterday?

9. I don’t know much about art, but I like some artists.

10. I waited for ages. At last, the bus arrived.

11. I received a postcard from Jane yesterday.

12. Tom and Sam will play soccer next Sunday.

13. I have never been sailing, what is it like?

14. She is riding her bike in the park at the moment.

15. It was raining when I got up.

16. Janet started a new job last September.

17. Nelly is having a great time at N.Y. at the moment.

18. She was cooking dinner when we arrived.

19. She will come back from the cruise in a week.

20. My friends will be free for the most of the evening.

21. The children were tired because they swam all afternoon.

22. We usually spend Xmas with grandma.

23. He doesn’t like carrots.

24. Did you visit Alice yesterday?

25. Will Luis come to the party?

26. Does you mom usually pick you up at school?